Hi! My name is Tanya Rybakova, I’m a healthy lifestyle expert and influencer. I’ve also written a book and created several educational projects on health, diet, and psychology.

Now I’m a successful and confident woman, but there was a time when I used to weigh more than 100 kilos (220 pounds). This wasn’t the best stage of my life since it was difficult for me both psychologically and physically: my back and knees hurt, it was impossible to find beautiful clothes, I was bullied at school and I lacked self-confidence.

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For a long time

I tried to lose weight with the help of various diets, recommendations of my friends and so-called experts, but none of this worked for me.

Finally, I lost 55 kilos on my own without any damage to my health. To do this, I had to figure out how the human body functions, so I’ve become a certified specialist in dietology and fitness. I also keep track of the latest research on nutrition, brain functioning, and the human body.

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Let me tell you how it happened

The issues of my past have turned into the energy and knowledge of my present. Thanks to my struggles with the excess weight, I’ve become a wellness expert and a self-made businesswoman.

Since 2012, I’ve been helping people lead a healthy lifestyle.

In collaboration with the TeachMePlese educational platform, I decided to create an online lecture series called “Healthy Lifestyle: A Comprehensive Approach”, thanks to which you’ll be able to increase your quality of life, learn how to become healthy, and create a body you’ve always dreamed of. The series consists of 5 parts and includes all the necessary information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ведь, если задуматься, глобально никто из нас в итоге не хочет просто похудеть, каждый из нас хочет жить в гармонии с собой и быть счастливым. Я в этом помогаю.

С любовью к жизни,
Tanya Rybakova.

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